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LMGA Board Meetings

Board Minutes March 7 2019

We did some really neat stuff, very carefully and thoughtfully

Board Meeting #12 Oct 5, 2013

Additions and modifications to board positions - proposed amending bylaws to include additional board positions, restructure others.

Board Meeting #11 Oct 3, 2013

Battle at the Landings review, planning for year end events.

Board Meeting #10 Sept 5, 2013

Prep for year end events, discussion of awards, bylaws changes, 2014 schedule confirmation, contacting and encouraging inactive LMGA members

Board Meeting #2 March 19, 2013

Second organizing committee meeting - lots accomplished!

Board Meeting #1 March 12, 2013

First formal meeting with proposed board organizing meeting - resolved to make board meetings open to all members, discussed Directors and Officers insurance and initial purchases of banner, hats, etc.