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2017 LMGA Championship

Winning shot by Scott Lauback

LMGA                                                                                by Dave Breithaupt

LMGA’s biggest week of the year took place on November 8&9.  The two day tournament was followed by the annual meeting and awards dinner.

Awards Dinner:

We are starting with the dinner because it symbolizes how far the LMGA has grown.  Jim Orr  recalled that dinner the first year probably consisted of Velveeta cheese and Ritz crackers for hors d’oeuvres and brats for dinner and we still lost money.  This year, with a much larger membership, over 430, Dean Helms worked with Plantation to develop a truly fine evening.  Open bar, good hors d’oeuvres, and tenderloin.  Head Teaching Professional Nicole Weller provided some very interesting comments on her background and her insights on how to mentally approach the forever challenging and wonderful game of golf…and she received a standing ovation.  (Now, put it into practice!)

The members then voted unanimously for the proposed officers for next year:

President – Mike Barber; Vice President -- Bob Hainly; Secretary – John Brennan; Treasurer – John Palermo; Golf Co-Chairs – Mike Staman and Mike Munro; Social Chair – Steve Bunn; New Neighbors Chair and Communications Chair – Ron Monaco; Membership Chair – Eddie Ambrose; Inter-Club Chair – Ken Ura; Technology Chair – Rick Cunningham;  Team Captains – Deer Creek - Frank Schepis; Marshwood – Bob Hainly; Oakridge – Jeff DeHaven;  Plantation – Bob Schmidt.   

The crowd warmly thanked the outgoing Board, headed by President Bradd Siegel, for a job very well done.

Finally, the evening was capped with the awarding of prizes for the two-day tournament and the LMGA Champion Golfer of the Year and LMGA Player of the Year.

LMGA Champion Golfer of the Year:  Scott Lauback.  (If you ask nicely, Scott just might describe how the chip-off went.)

Player of the Year:  John Bellucci.  Second place -- Hal Schmidt; Third place – Herb Gallagher.

There were many winners this year:  with a field of 90 players, there were 52 chances to win.  With some multiple winners, still 30 different players were winners.  (Oh well…next year.)

Club/Medal #1:  Day One – 1st Kevin Brandon; 2nd Gart Abjkiwutz; Day Two – 1st Bill Wolod; 2nd Ken Cote.  Most improved – Bob Mulling; Two day winner – Bill Wolod.

Club/Medal #2:  Day One – 1st Jim Golz; 2nd Gary Howard; Day Two – 1st Gary Howard; 2nd Hal Schmidt.  Most improved – Whitey Carpenter; Two day winner – Gary Howard.

Club #1:  Day One – 1st Bob Lindenschmidt; 2nd Paul Liberman; Day Two – 1st Paul Liberman; 2nd Rick Stark.  Most improved – Gary Lautzenhiser; Two day winner – Paul Liberman.

Club #2:  Day One – 1st Al Rosenbaum; 2nd Bill Brunton; Day Two – 1st Richard Heyman; 2nd Frank Schepis.  Most improved – Richard Heyman; Two day winner – Richard Heyman.

Club #3:  Day One – 1st Scott Lauback; 2nd Bob Schmidt; Day Two – 1st Edgar Yu; 2nd Scott Lauback.  Most improved – Edgar Yu; Two day winner – Scott Lauback.

Club #4:  Day One – 1st Bob Hainly; 2nd Peter Altman; Day Two – 1st Thomas Zapataka; 2nd Nathan Alexander.  Most improved – Nathan Alexander; Two day winner – Peter Altman.

Medal #1: Day One -- 1st John Bellucci; 2nd Kerry Fosse; Day Two – 1st Dave Resler; 2nd Dean Helms.  Most improved – Dave Resler; Two day winner – John Bellucci.

Medal #2:  Day One -- 1st Steve Hecht; 2nd Robert Rubin; Day Two – 1st Herb Gallagher; 2nd Robert Rubin.  Most improved – Herb Gallagher; Two day winner – Herb Gallagher.

LMGA Champion Golfer of the Year:  Scott Lauback