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BA Cup Team Selection Process

Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup Team Selection Process

During the 2017 LMGA golf season, LMGA Board members and Team Captains encouraged and welcomed your feedback concerning the administration and management of the monthly and end-of-the-year Bouchillon-Ambrose (B-A) Cup matches. Three issues arose as a result of feedback received: (1) a lack of awareness, before arriving for the match, about a participant's assignment to the overflow group, (2) a participant's inability to contribute to the B-A Cup matches as a part of the overflow group, and (3) a lack of enthusiasm for games assigned to overflow players.

In response to your feedback and in an attempt to resolve these valid concerns, the LMGA Board has adopted some changes to the B-A Cup matches to be held in 2018:

•       Participants on each B-A Cup team will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis as determined by their LMGA event registration date. The number of match-play participants for each team will be determined by the lowest of the registration totals for the two competing teams. There will be no minimum required or maximum limit of matches for each event. The only constraint is that each team has the same number of matches. The Tournament Director will be given some flexibility in this rule to ensure balanced teams.

•        Registered players who are not selected for the competing B-A Cup teams will be placed in an overflow group and will be notified by LMGA email prior to the match, in addition to the weekly LMGA email announcing the match of the week, of their overflow status with an explanation of why they are a part of the overflow group and how they may still contribute toward their team's success.  Overflow participants may still become an active match participant if a team member cancels after the teams are established or does not show up on match day.

•        Overflow players will contribute to their team's match point total by being awarded 0.25 match participation points. These participation points will be awarded regardless of the outcome of the overflow player's match and will be added to their team's match-play points to determine the winner of the match between the two teams.

•        To the extent possible, overflow players will play the same format as those participating in the B-A Cup matches. If that is not possible, overflow players will play an individual Stableford match against an opponent with a reduced award of 34 Stableford points. If the overflow player earns 35 or greater points, they win their match. Regardless of the game played, overflow players will be awarded pro shop credit and Player of the Year points in a manner similar to those players who are participating in the B-A Cup matches.