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Board Meeting #10 Sept 5, 2013

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Submitted by Mike Staman on Mon, 09/09/2013 - 00:00
Board Meeting # 10 
Landings Men’s Golf Association 
9/5/2013, 4:30 pm, at Marshwood 
Attendance: Mr. Breithaupt, Mr. Barber, Mr. Brown, Mr. Lanahan, Mr. Marr, Dr. Staman 
Absent: Mr. McDonald (excused), Mr. Tomlinson (excused), Mr. Orr (excused), Mr. Crum 
1. Meeting called to order at 5:15 pm by Chair Breithaupt. A quorum was present. 
2. Mr. Breithaupt noted that the monthly dues pro-rating follows the beginning of a year and amended the 8/1 
minutes accordingly. Mr. Brown moved approval of 8/1/2013 minutes, as amended. Dr. Staman seconded, 
motion passed. 
3. D&O Insurance update – Mr. Breithaupt. D&O insurance now in force; CS Risks Inc. is the provider. 
4. LMGA/New Neighbors Clinic: Mr. Breithaupt moved that LMGA provide a keg to be on 2nd Thursdays, 
and that all new neighbors to be invited to clinic held on 2nd Thursdays. Mr. Brown seconded. Motion carried. 
5. Annual Year End Events – Mr. Marr: 
  • Discussed format, prizes and administration of the annual LMGA Championship Tournament - November 13 and 14.  
  • Discussed format, administration of the annual banquet and awards: 
o Awards - most improved, LMGA champs, player of the year, clubhouse? 
o Speakers – possible Gene Sauers 
 Discussed annual meeting 
6. By-laws changes - Review committee (Mr. Breithaupt, Dr. Staman, Mr. Marr) to report before annual 
meeting. Approval needed at annual meeting. 
7. 2014 Schedule – Mr. Marr – schedule set, approved by Club; rooms reserved. 
8. Annual Report – to be done by Mr. Breithaupt, Mr. Marr, Mr. Brown 
9. Fill out Committees – Mr. Breithaupt & Mr. Marr to continue contacting possible people from list at 
Planning Meeting 
10. Follow up from Planning Meeting - Mr. Breithaupt 
 Each Board member pick 3 people to contact who joined LMGA but not played 
 Wish to continue developing involvement of NN with LMGA 
11. Meeting adjourned at 6:55. Next meeting set for October 3
, Interclub day, 4:30 location TBD. 
E. Michael Staman, Board Secretary