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Board Meeting #11 Oct 3, 2013

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Submitted by Mike Staman on Thu, 10/03/2013 - 00:00
Board Meeting # 11
Landings Men’s Golf Association
10/3/2013, 4:30 pm, Marshwood
Attendance: Mr. Breithaupt, Mr. Crum, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Brown, Mr. Lanahan, Mr. Marr, Mr. Orr, Dr. Staman 
Absent: Mr. Barber (excused)
1. Convene Board Meeting -- Mr. Breithaupt, 4:30.  A quorum was present.
2. Approval of Minutes -- Mr. McDonald moved, Mr. Orr Seconded, motion passed.
3. Battle Review -- Mr. Marr: $25,000 raised; about 40% was allocable to prize pool, remainder to club and vendor costs.  Full review scheduled for Oct. 8 @ 4PM in PL.
4. Annual Year End Events -- Mr. Marr:
i. Annual LMGA Championship Tournament - November 13 and 14, business meeting and annual banquet/awards to follow; announcement of LMGA 2014 program, corporate sponsorships and significant enhancements. 
ii. Motion that Mr. Marr develop a corporate sponsorship and member discount program, both focused on developing LMGA member loyalty. Moved by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Orr.  Motion passed.
5. Technical infrastructure:  Motion by Dr. Staman that $300 be allocated to expand LMGA technical infrastructure; seconded by Mr. Brown.  Motion passed.
6. Bylaws Review -- Mr. Breithaupt: discussion of expansion of Board to potentially 16 members; Report of by-laws review committee will be available within a week (Mr. Breithaupt, Mr. Marr, Dr. Staman).  Agreement to vote electronically followed by distribution of proposed bylaws revision to general membership in time for annual meeting.
7. Interclub Update – Mr. McDonald:  Food & Beverage issue, question of service fees for lunch will be pursued.  Home on Home contests now in full production.  
8. Society of Seniors Tournament Volunteers – Mr. Marr: 900 people in society, 200 people to be here end of October, and volunteers needed.
9. 2014 dues to be discussed at next meeting
10. Next meeting November 7th, ladies card room, Marshwood.  Adjourn at 5:53 pm.
Submitted 11/5/2013
E. Michael Staman, Board Secretary