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Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup Results – September 20th

The game this week was Singles Match Play with Plantation taking on Deer Creek and Marshwood competing against Oakridge. Both matches were extremely close where a single shot could tilt a match one way or the other.

In the end, Plantation prevailed over Deer Creek 18 - 16.5 while Marshwood edged out Oakridge by a score of 15.25 – 13. So, the 2018 regular season ends with Plantation in 1st place with 7 points, Marshwood in 2nd place with 5 points, and Deer Creek and Oakridge tied for 3rd place with 3 points. As Oakridge won the head-to-head matches against Deer Creek 2-1, looks like Deer Creek can claim the DFL award for the regular season. Given that this was a BA match, there was no Skins competition. And there were some stragglers who came in over 4 hours, but the Oakridge Rough was the real culprit. Every foursome spent a considerable amount of time trying to find balls that managed to avoid the fairways!

Dining outdoors at Oakridge, all enjoyed the brats and burgers along with the ice-cold beverages at the 19th hole. And once again shout-outs to all our LMGA folks who make this happen week-in and week-out: President Mike Barber for making the food arrangements; Tom Seipel, Larry Brown and Tom Collins for handling our weekly beverages; and John Bellucci, Steve Skipper, and Mike Munro for continuing to keep us organized despite many last-minute changes (and there were quite a few this week).

Looking forward to the BA Cup Championship Tournament that will be held on Oct 10th & 11th, the Day-1 match at Oakridge will be 1st seed Plantation vs. 4th seed Deer Creek and 2nd seed Marshwood vs. 3rd seed Oakridge. The game that day will be 9 holes of alternate shot and 9 holes of 4-ball. As usual, a cookout and beverages will follow. The winners of the Day-1 matches will face each other at Deer Creek for singles match play for the championship. Day 1 losers will play to avoid being “crowned” the DFL team. And again, food and beverages will follow at the 19th hole.

LMGA Members can sign up for one or both days and should register soonest. And while you are signing up for these events, don’t forget to sign up for the Speaker Series event that will be held on Wednesday, October 3rd at 5:30. We will receive updates on two important topics: the 2019 Savannah Golf Championship, and the USGA rule changes that take effect in 2019. Additional details are on the LMGA Web Site and you can sign-up via the LMGA Web Site Play calendar. Seating is going fast so sign-up soonest so that you don’t get left-out.