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Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup Tournament Match – October 10th

The game today was 4-ball at Oakridge where 2-man teams selected their best net ball in a Match play format. As a reminder, going into the Tournament Oakridge was the season leader with 7 points, Marshwood and Deer Creek were tied for second place with 4 points, and Plantation was DFL with 3 points. Oakridge and Plantation maintained their holds on 1st place and DFL respectively as Oakridge defeated Plantation by a score of 6.2 to 4.1 with Oakridge gaining .25 points from its overflow player. In the fight for 2nd place, Marshwood bested Deer Creek by a score of 6.4 to 4.1 with Marshwood earning .5 points from its overflow players.

So at the end of the first round of the three-round B-A Playoffs, Oakridge maintained its hold on 1st place with a season total score of 13.2, Marshwood solidified its hold on 2nd place with a score of 10.4, Deer Creek fell to 3rd place with a score of 8.1, and Plantation maintained its hold on DFL with a score of 7.1

Given that this was a B-A match, there was no Skins competition. Pace-of-play was good with everyone in around the 4-hour mark. And despite their loss, a big highlight for the Deer Creek team was the play of Frank Schepis who shot a round of 72. WAY TO GO FRANK!!! Make sure you get that score posted so that you don’t run afoul of the “Handicap Police”. And a great big WELCOME goes to Larry Batanian who participated in his first Thirsty Thursday LMGA event. Welcome aboard, Larry!

As usual for a B-A match, food and beverages awaited everyone at the 19th hole. This week it was cold cuts and barbeque sandwiches served up with everyone’s favorite beverages. Thank you, Oakridge staff, for another great 19th hole. And thank you LMGA folks who make this happen week-in and week-out: President Bob Hainly and Steve Bunn for making the food arrangements; Tom Seipel and Larry Brown for handling our weekly beverages; and John Bellucci, Steve Skipper, and Mike Munro for continuing to keep us organized despite the many last-minute changes.

Day 2 of our 3-day BA Cup Playoff will be next Wednesday (Oct 16) at Oakridge where the format will be Modified Alternate Shot. And the final matches will be next Thursday (Oct 17) at Deer Creek where the format will be Singles Match Play. All matches will have a 9am shotgun start.

Remember that all BA Cup points are cumulative throughout the round robin tournament. As Day 2 is worth 10 points and Day 3 is worth 20 points, everyone is in the hunt throughout the tournament. DFL Plantation is only 6.1 points behind the first-place team of Oakridge. And if that’s not enough to get you to the course, don’t forget that there will be food along with our usual beverages for all round robin days.

So, sign up NOW so you don’t miss out on all the action. As a reminder, you can sign up for 1 or 2 days as you don’t need to sign up for both remaining dates to play.