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Course & Game Rotation

Each Thursday of the month LMGA features a different theme, and the group rotates in sequence among the six golf courses at the Landings. 

Gary Anklowitz will be taking over for Mike Barber as Director of Golf for the LMGA.  He can be reached at Assisting Gary will be our 4 Clubhouse Captains:  Ken Ura ( for the Oakridge team; John Palermo ( for Marshwood; Tim Sampson ( for Deer Creek; and Bob Schmidt ( for the Plantation team.

 Every LMGA Member is assigned to one of these 4 teams and, for the sake of competitive balance, without regard to where they actually live. So don’t be surprised if, for example, you live in Plantation but are assigned to the Deer Creek team ( a good thing, given that the Deer Creek team won our Clubhouse team competition, the Club Cup, last year). And if you don’t know or remember to which team you’ve been assigned, your Team assignment is listed across from your name under the “LMGA Members” Section of the “About LMGA” Tab on our Website.

And, lest you get the wrong impression, you should know:

--  About a quarter of our Members regularly play from the Medal tees, and a good number of players walk the course when the weather is favorable or on cart-path-only days.  Organizers do make an effort to group Medal tee players together and the same with walkers. For this reason,  our registration page gives you the opportunity to designate the tees you want to play and whether you plan to walk;

--   With respect to handicaps, we do have about 40 Members with handicaps of 10 or below (lucky them!). But we also have about 40 Members with handicaps of 20 or above. The other 200 or so Members fall somewhere in between;

--  How competitive is LMGA? No more so, we think, than other weekly groups.  Even our match play events such as Club Cup are fairly low key affairs.  Yes, if your putt will impact the outcome of the match or game, you’ll need to putt it out unless your opponents concede it. ( And yes, we all miss our share of 3-footers—or less—so don’t worry about it);

-- Finally, our priorities can be summed up as “Fun & Fellowship”; to have fun; to meet new people; to play well (or not); and when it’s over, to share a complimentary beer or soda with friends.

     Thursday Play

        Our Thursday play will have a few new additions in 2015. 

        The first Thursday of every month will remain as match play. These games will vary month to month.  Examples could be 2 man better ball or 2 man scrambles.

        The second and fourth/fifth Thursday of the month will allow us to play a number of different games such as Stableford , 2+,  4 man scrambles and shambles to individual net games. 

   Other than match play and The Club Cup, it is our goal to have as many as possible 4 man team games that will include an A,B,C,D player, depending on index, so everyone gets to play with all other golfers in the LMGA.

·        New for this year, we are adding a Pro clinic on the second Thursday of each month.  This will include a 15 minute demo from 8:00-8:15 on a number of topics that will help our golf game.  Examples of the clinics are bunker play, putting tips, chipping and driving.  The pros will then spend time on the range giving individual suggestions as we warm up.  We may also see the pro on one of the holes, again, just to give tips on what they see.  At the end of the round, they will join us at the scoreboard as we wrap up that days play.

       The third Thursday play will be our Clubhouse team competition for the Club Cup. This is a rotating format of better ball, individual matches and alternate shot. These matches will start with our January play and conclude in September with the 2 day finals in October.  We also intend to keep the current clubhouse teams intact.  

      Our goal is to make your decision to play as easy as possible so we will put out our schedule at least 60 days in advance. Your Captain will also email you monthly 2 weeks in advance to ask about your availability and provide information on play dates, the course and the game for each date.   This way you can view the game and course location and sign up for play on the LMGA website and decide far in advance when you want to participate. A second reminder email will reach you a few days before the Monday evening sign-up deadline.  We will also try to keep a few slots open for guys who discover after the deadline that they can or want to play, and who will be added in if space allows.

     Points and Golf Shop credits

   Cost for Thursday play is $5 per player.  This is paid out in full every week in Pro Shop credits, which are posted to the winners' accounts following the end of each month.  Depending on the number of players, minimally we will pay out 2 places.  As more players sign up, we will add additional flights.  The more players, the bigger the payout. 

   Points are awarded in a number of different ways.  For any Thursday play, we award 50 points for playing, 100 points to the winning team and 50 points for the second place team.  These points are accumulated over the course of the year (Nov 2014-Nov 2015 to year end tournament) and are one of the criteria that go towards the naming of the year Player of The Year.


Hole-in-One Pool

                 Starting with our first 2015 Thursday play on January 8th, we are going to start a Hole in One pool for all LMGA players.  

1.      Cost per player will be $5 cash.  If you elect to participate just seek out Gary Anklowitz or any of the captains at the course and give them your $5.  You can choose to enter at any time, but will not be eligible unless we have your $5.

2.      The Hole in One money will be paid out for any hole in one only at a LMGA events.  This will include all Thursday play, plus all LMGA-affiliated tournaments.  Must have partners verify. 

3.      Payout will be 100% of whatever the current pot has collected. 

4.      Once the first payout is made, we will start a new pool for the next potential winner.   


We look forward to seeing you on Thursdays in 2015!