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How to get the most out of your golf practice!!!!

2016 Fall Guest Speaker Dr. Robert A. Bjork



Learn about Learning from one of the best in the World!  Dr. Robert Bjork is a distinguished research professor and former chair of psychology at UCLA.  He was most recently a key speaker at the PGA of America Teaching & Coaching and Youth-Family National Summits, among other international venues, and will be visiting The Landings Club October 9th to share valuable information for our golfing membership who would like to learn how to get the most out of their practice for better golf, as well as sharing the myths and research on how a person actually successfully learns.  

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Don't waste time on ineffective practice... get the facts and tips on how to learn more quickly and long-term so it will last on the course and not just on the practice range.  This event is perfect for golfers who wonder why they "can do it at the range but then it doesn't show up on the course"... is that YOU?


About Dr. Bjork

Dr. Bjork is past president of the Association of Psychiological Science (APS) and has served as the chair of numerous Societies and Departments.  The score and extent of Dr. Bjork's work is both sweeping and highly programmatic.  He has been a pioneer in research on directed forgetting, retrieval-induced forgetting, the role of desirable difficulties and testing effects in learning, as well as applications of laboratory research to educational practices.  His theoretical and empirical emphasis is on the adaptive functions of memory. CLICK HERE to see further awards, honors, Chairs, publications and more for Dr. Bjork...



Afternoon Interactive Presentation & Live Practice Experiment:  Join this limited space opportunity to spend 2 hours with Dr. Bjork and Nicole Weller for an initial indoor presentation on eye-opening research on myths and tips for better practice by understanding how Learning actually happens before participating in a very unique Practice Experiment LIVE at the Plantation practice facility.  Don't miss out on Dr. Bjork's special trip to spend time with our Landings Club members!  Includes presentation, outdoor activity, program handouts and beverage station.

-Sunday, October 9, 2016  

-2:00-4:00pm (Azalea Room and Plantation Practice Facility)


-25 student maximum


Evening Presentation:  Attend this one and a half-hour presentation by Dr. Bjork with Nicole Weller to learn the myths and research behind successful pratice. No more wasting time on the range practicing in ways that won't hold up on the course for later play.  Practice Smarter, Practice Better!  Hear about some great research and practical stories before leaving with tips and positive energy for future practice.  A member bar and beverage station will be available to members shortly prior to and during the event.

-Sunday, October 9, 2016

-5:00-6:30pm Azalea Room

-$40 or $35/person if registering 2+ people simultaneously*

-70 person maximum space



Event Policies:  Personal cancelation notifications are required up to 1 week prior to the event (the staff appreciates the opportunity to fill the spot with a student from the wait list or notify those registered if the program minimum has been met). In addition, event fees are billed to the member accounts on the day of the event. The fee will not be charged upon cancelation if prior to the 1 week deadline before class begins. Following the deadline, every effort will be made to fill the canceled spot with a wait-listed student, in which case the original class cost will be refunded to the participant who withdrew.  On the day of the event, refunds will be available for emergency medical reasons only. Refunds will not be available to participants who voluntarily leave the event, forget to attend or opt to withdraw from the class due to weather if the event is still being held and has not been rescheduled. 

*Participants will be notified of possible program cancellation if the participation minimum is not met by a week prior to the deadline in order to host Dr. Bjork.


Open to: All Landings Club members and their guests

Register: Schedule through Golf Ops Staff Tricia Cleary @ 912-598-3551 or

Questions?:  Contact Nicole Weller @ 912-695-5211 or