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The LMGA Championship, which was delayed this year by Hurricane Matthew, was held on December 7th--8th. Day 1 was at Plantation and Day 2 was at Magnolia.  We had 8 flights and everyone used Stableford as the scoring method.  The 2 day flight winners and 2nd place finishers were:
Tournament-Tournament/Club A flight:
Winner w/ 72 pts-S Chaplin
2nd place w/ 69 pts -L Long and P Gooden
Club A flight
Winner w/ 79 pts-C Ryan
2nd place w/ 78 pts-M Towson
Club B flight
Winner w/ 75 pts-B Siegel
2nd place w/ 74 pts-M Munro
Club C flight
Winner w/ 69 pts-T Elliott
2nd place w/ 66 pts-B Benson and T Cloft
Club/Medal Combo A flight
Winner w/ 81 pts-K Pomeroy
2nd place w/ 78 pts-B Mulling
Club/Medal Combo B flight
Winner w/ 71 pts-P Pearson
2nd place w/ 67 pts-B Kumins
Medal A Flight
Winner w/ 79 pts- J Higbee
2nd place w/ 72 pts-D Bothwell and D Breithaupt
Medal B Flight
Winner w/ 78 pts-J Boortz
2nd place w/ 75 pts-H Gallagher