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LMGA August Schedule

The dog days of summer are definitely upon us, but we continue on.  August is coming and with it 4 Thursdays of LMGA games.
   A few reminders:
Don’t forget we have an ongoing Hole in One Pot that currently has $370.00 in it, just waiting for a HIO to happen during an LMGA event.  We have gone 18 months without a HIO, so the odds are getting greater that someone will get lucky soon.  If you haven’t signed up yet, just see me when you play on Thursday and for the cost of $5, you’re in.
As we continue to see our count go up on weekly play, the earlier in the week you can sign up the better it is for understanding how many tee times we will need for that week.  I usually call in the request on the Friday before we play and make the request based on the players signed up by then.  So the earlier you sign up, the better my estimate will be. If you need to cancel, you must do so before 8am on the Thursday we play. You can do this by sending me an email by Wednesday night or calling the pro shop by 8:00am.  But if you don’t do this, then you will be considered a no show and you will still be charged the $5 for that day.
  As we now offer multiple tee box choices that you can select when registering, we are going to hold that the tee box you requested is  the one you play from that Thursday.  There will be no changing after that week’s registration closes.
Pace of play is everyone’s responsibility.  Each week, the player at the top of the score card is the captain for that group.  We are asking that you ensure the pace of play of your group is allowing you to keep up with the group in front of you.
Listed below is the August schedule:
August 4th
Play is at Oakridge.
Game is a 4 man team playing 1+ on odd holes and 2 only on even holes.
August 11th
Play is at Magnolia.
Game is 4 man team 2 or more  Teams will be made of up of A & B players in 1 flight and C & D players in the second flight.
August 18th
Play is at Oakridge.
It is our B-A Cup: OR vs PL & MW vs DC
Modified alternate shot.
The LMGA will be serving lunch after the round.
August 25th
Play is at Palmetto.
Game is 4 man team playing Stableford.
That’s the lineup for August.  Hopefully we will see you out and playing at least a few times during the month.
Thank you for supporting the LMGA,
Gary Anklowitz