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Not-So-Thirsty Thursday Results – January 4th

The game was set for 4-man A-B-C-D player teams at Palmetto with 1+ balls on odd holes and 2 balls on even holes. But alas, we were done in by the first ice and snow storm we have seen here in Savannah for years. So, our 2018 season is starting on the same low that we ended the 2017 season with. Only way to go from here is up and hopefully that will start next Thursday.

Reminder #1 - BA Cup first match play starts on January 18th. Sign up today! Free food as always to go with the free beer; what’s not to like!

Reminder #2 – Please stay off the golf courses when they are closed due to inclement weather. Whether it’s trying to catch up on your game or sledding/biking, it all hurts the grass. Severe damage can be done to the turf and playing surfaces when they are in wet and/or frozen states.