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Result for 2/16 Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup Match

On a spectacular spring day, legends were made (entirely in the minds of the victors) during the Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup competition on 16 February at Oakridge.  The game was two-man modified alternate shot.  Plantation defeated Deer Creek 12-8 and Marshwood beat Oakridge 13-7.  It was nice that Cup sponsor and popular member Eddie Ambrose tore away from his busy schedule and joined the fun.  As is customary following this competition, members enjoyed a sumptuous complimentary cookout featuring grilled brats and dogs, washed down with beer and soda.  Individual match winners for their respective clubs were:

Deer Creek

Bob Benson

Allan Boyce

Steve Chaplin

Gary Daniel

Kerry Fosse

Gene McDonald

Frank Schepis


Kevin Brindle

Tom Cloft

Sam Hatcher

Gary Howard

Bob Kaplan

Bob Lucas

Bob Meng

Surendra Patel

Hal Schmidt

Bob Schmidt


Kevin Brandon

Tim Elliot

Paul Lieberman

Joe Lovas

Tom Siepel

Ken Ura


Jerry Boortz

Grant Buchanan

Paul Gooden

Bob Hainley

Jim Higbee

Tom Lanahan

Milo Moore

Kim Pomeroy

Steve Skipper

Doug Snyder

Tom Souls

Mike Staman

Don Sturtz