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Results for 10 August Match

At Deer Creek, the game was two balls or more per foursome with two flights.  It was a big day for Rib Rubin and Herb Gallagher, who played well, served as a blind draws, and helped teams win first place and third, respectively, in the first flight.  Overall winners in each flight were a combination of usual suspects, good players, and outright bandits.

Flight 1:

1st:  Dave Angell, Greg Maloof, Mike Wilson, Rib Rubin (blind draw)

2nd:  John Brennan, Tom Seipel, Paul Warhola, John Kurtan

3rd:  John Bellucci, Don Snyder, Tom York, Herb Gallagher (blind draw)


Flight 2:

1st:  Kerry Fosse, Herb Gallagher, Joe Lovas, Eric Rosenstock

2nd:  Bob Jones, Pete Quinn, Rib Rubin, and Steve Skipper

3rd:  Gary Anklowitz, Allan Boyce, Brian Kosmal, Mike Munro