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Results for 11 May Match

On a warm spring day at Oakridge, the game was "pick six" whereby teams selected 3 separate tees (six each) over the 18 holes in a scramble format.  Teams were comprised of A and B players in one flight and C and D players in the other flight.  Steve Heacox (of TLC pickleball championship fame) had a red hot putter and led his teammates to victory in Flight One, edging out a team of tall guys and long hitters.  Meanwhile, in Flight Two,  "John Bellucci and the short guys" (not a rock band, yet) danced their way to victory in Flight Two, and dared to beat out a team with several guys who won't tell you what they did for a living.  The winners were:

Flight One

1st Place:  Steve Bunn, Steve Heacox, Gary Howard, and Mike Munro

2nd Place:  Eddie Ambrose, Gary Anklowitz, Peter Quinn, and Peter Schram

Flight Two

1st Place:  John Bellucci, Bob Kaplan, Rib Rubin, and Steve Skipper

2nd Place:  Dave Bothwell, Herb Gallagher, Tom Rosen, and Dave Walradt