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Results for 15 June Match

On Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup day at Marshwood, the competition was individual match play for 18 holes.  In a match between two teams tied for first place, Marshwood delivered a beatdown to Oakridge 27-9, ouch!  Rick Stark deserves special mention for his dedication to the Oakridge team.  During a close match, Rick hit his tee shot on number 18 into the hazard to within inches of the lagoon.  Rick took off his socks and shoes, stood shin deep in the water and knocked it onto the green to halve the hole, allowing him to preserve a 1 up victory.  What a stud!  Now here's the rest of the story:  shortly after Rick stuck his wretched, stinky feet in the lagoon, dead fish were seen floating on the surface, and two alligators were seen making a hasty retreat up the far bank of the lagoon, in a full sprint across Palmers Drive.  Meanwhile, in the other match, Deer Creek returned to form by beating upstart Plantation 16-10.  In true LMGA fashion, there was a lot of interesting play described under the scoreboard and while participants enjoyed complimentary beer, sodas, brats, and burgers.  For example, ahead by one on the final hole in his match (but leaking oil), Rich Hoagland hit a missile off the tee box dead left into the woods.  As his ball hooked into certain death at mach one speed, it hit the post of a bird house and richocheted back into play, where upon Rich casually went on to make a "routine" par to secure the win.  Kim Pomeroy was not so lucky.  In his all-square match on the 17th hole, he and his opponent hit their tee shots down the fairway to within a few yards of each other.  Kim's second shot was a beauty, and he basked in the satisfaction of hitting a great shot under pressure in a tight match.  But that joy quickly turned to horror when Kim was informed moments later that he inadvertanly hit his opponent's ball.  He had to forfeit the hole and lost the match by one.  Hate it when that happens (and we've all done it)!  And finally, who can figure out Doug Ramey?  Half of the island has lost a good chunk of their retirement portfolio with Doug as their playing partner in various groups during the week.  But on B-A day, the guy is unbeatable.  He has to be under consideration as the MVP for Marshwood.  Overall, players for each team that earned points for their team were:

Deer Creek:  Eddie Ambrose, Doug Duncan, Larry Long, Ron Monaco, Bob Mulling, Bob Puccini, Tim Sampson, and captain Frank Schepis

Plantation:  Ed Baxter, Rich Hoagland, Barry Kumins, Peter Mitchell, and Eric Rosenstock

Oakridge:  Nate Alexander, Herb Gallagher,  Jim Murphy, Rick Stark, and Brian Kosmal

Marshwood:  Bob Hainly, Jack Hemphill, Tom Lanahan, Dan Malachuk, Milo Moore, Mike Munro, John Palermo, Doug Ramey, Brian Rickenbacker, Al Rosenbaum, Steve Skipper, Don Snyder, Tom York, and Steve McLoud