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Results for 17 August Match

It was Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup day at Oakridge and there was a great deal of excitement in the air.  The game was two-man alternate shot.  The day started with three teams tied for first place and ended with only Plantation in the lead.  Plantation and Oakridge played a close match and were tied with only one match remaining.  With the players crowded around the scoreboard (slurping free beer and sodas) waiting for the final match to end, Mike Barber strutted in with the winning scorecard to give the match to Plantation; the final score was 10-8.  In the other match, last place Deer Creek upset juggernaut Marshwood 9-5 behind interim captain Ron Monaco.  Several Deer Creek players were trying to raise enough money to keep captain Frank Schepis in Europe long enough to miss the final match next month.  With one match to go, the standings are Plantation 10, Oakridge 8, Marshwood 8, Deer Creek 6.  What a race!  Players that won points for their teams were:

Plantation:  Mike Barber, Gary Howard, Bob Kaplan, Ed O'Donnell, Bob Schmidt

Oakridge:  Rich Happel, Brian Kosmal, Dave Resler, Tom Seipel, Ken Ura, Paul Warhola

Marshwood:  Jack Hemphill, Mike Munro, Doug Ramey (of course!), Rick Saunders, Ebba Wiechowski

Deer Creek:  Allan Boyce, Gary Daniel, Kerry Fosse, Robert Jones, Ron Monaco, Pete Quinn, Steve Thomas, Perry Trilling, Gus Urzua