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Results for 2 March Tournament

Another sunny spring day at Palmetto; the game was a scramble with A and B players squaring up against each other in one flight and C and D players in the other flight.  On a recommendation from several players, we decided to experiment "using the whole course" (almost) with the Flight One using a combination of Tournament, Club, and Clubhouse tees, and Flight Two using the Club, Medal, and Skidaway tees.  It was a lot of fun and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Following the game, members feasted on complimentary beer, brats, and hotdogs around the scoreboard.  Following that feast, several members of the Capital Plan committee, The Landings Club board, and Club leadership discussed the Capital Plan with members and answered questions.  The session with the Capital Plan committee was originally scheduled to be held in the Azalea Room.  But it was such a beautiful day, they decided to come out to the scoreboard and hold the session there.  That way, members could focus with laser-like intensity on both the Yengling in their hands AND other stuff, like, you know, the future of the Club--and they weren't forced to choose between one or the other!  Meanwhile, results of the match are below:


Flight One:

1st:  Eddie Ambrose, Bob Hainly, Bob Janino, Grag Maloof

2nd:  Gary Anklowitz, John Baynard, Roger Belanger, Bradd Siegel

3rd:  Kevin Brandon, Stephen Chaplin, Bob Mulling, Gary Poleynard


Flight Two:

1st:  Nathan Alexander, Wayne Drysdale, Ken Hylander, Mike Staman

2nd:  Bob Banuski, Cliff Barthman, Kerry Fosse, Ron Monaco

3rd:  Ed Baxter, John Bellucci, Bill Porter,  Don Snyder