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Results for 20 July Match

On Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup day at Plantation, players competed for their teams in fourball matches.  Early on, the tension was thick as competitors prepared to lay it on the line for their teams.  As players received their cards on the putting green, Frank Schepis delivered a passionate speech intended to motivate the players from last place Deer Creek.  It was no use as Oakridge delivered another beat down to hapless Deer Creek, which had only one player that won a match.  Rumor has it that he was the only player still awake after Frank's speech.  In the other competition, Plantation returned to its championship form of 2013 and brought down the juggernaut (and current cup holder) Marshwood.  After the event, there was a three-way tie for first place between Plantation, Oakridge, and Marshwood in what is shaping up to be the closest and most exciting Cup race to date.  As usual on Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup day, players enjoyed a wonderful feast of complimentary brats, hotdogs, burgers, beer, and sodas.  Most talked about the great and not-so-great golf that was played.  A few talked about Frank's speech.  One person suggested that Frank shouldn't try to deliver rousing speeches while sipping on a glass of pink chablis.  Players that won matches for their teams were:


Rich Heyman, Ned Mahoney, Kevin Olson, Bob Schmidt, Larry Brown, Gary Howard, Bob Kaplan, Rich Marr, Bob Meng, Ed O'Donnell, Hal Schmidt, Bill Tomassini, Bob Lucas, Tom Rosen, and Eric Rosenstock


Dave Breithaupt, Jeff DeHaven, Bob Gardner, Brian Kosmal, Rib Rubin, Tom Seipel, Ken Ura, Jack Welch, and Mike Wilson


Paul Gooden, Bob Hainly, Gary Lautzenhiser, Mike Munro, Steve Nazaruk, John Palermo, Kim Pomeroy, Charlie Ryan, Rick Saunders, Don Snyder, and Ebba Wiechowski

Deer Creek:

Don White