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Results for 23 February Tournament Match

LMGAers toughed out another rough winter day at the Landings, with a brilliant blue sky, temperature in the low 70s, sunny, beautiful.  The game was at Deer Creek, using a 1 or more balls on odd holes and exactly 2 balls on the even holes.  Some of LMGA's most beloved members played well, including Fast-talkin' Tom Lanahan, Smiling Jack Welch, Tom "never got cheated on a swing" York, Bob "I won again" Hainly, Jim "never too old to be great" Higbee, Heidi's husband Lieberman, Tom "I bring the beer" Siepel, Rich "the big smurf" Heyman, Smooth Steve Skipper, etc.  See below. 



Flight One:

1st:  Ken Aaron, Tom Lanahan, Jack, Welch, Tom York

2nd:  Roger Belanger, Tim Elliot, Brendan Shea

3rd:  Bob Kaplan, Jim Higbee, Paul Lieberman, Peter Schram

Flight Two:

1st:  Bob Hainly, Bob Jannino, Steve McLeod, Mike Staman

2nd:  Bob Mulling, Hal Schmidt, Tom Siepel, Steve Skipper

3rd:  Rich Heyman, David Resler, Artie Shidler