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Results for 25 May Match

On another beautiful day at Palmetto, the game was one or more balls on odd holes and exactly 2 balls on even holes.  The team led by Kevin Brandon aka the Alaskan Assassin won first place in the A Flight.  Also on the winning team was ex fire chief and first-time LMGA player Lars Ljungdahl.  The two formed a formidible combination of, well, fire and ice.  In the B Flight, LMGA prez Bradd Siegel led nudged out several strong teams to take first place.  Overall, the winning teams were:

Flight A:

1st -- Kevin Brandon, Lars Ljungdahl, Paul Lieberman, and Ed O'Donnell

2nd -- Cliff Barthman, Bob Lindenschmidt, John Bellucci, and Don Snyder

3rd -- Roger Belanger, Barry Kummins, Hal Schmidt, and Tim Sampson

Flight B:

1st -- Ken Aaron, Surendra Patel, Bradd Siegel, and Don Sturtz

2nd -- Brian Kosmal, Mike Munro, Gary Poleynard, and Tom Rosen

3rd -- Gary Anklowitz, Bob Jannino, Robert Rubin, and Mike Staman