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Results for 26 January Match

 The weather threatened to rain in the morning, but it turned out to be a beautiful day, especially for Gary Anklowitz, John Belucci, and Bob Schmidt (who won Flight 1) and Mike Barber, Dave Bothwell, Al Holzinger, and Dan Malachuk (who won Flight 2).  Bob Schmidt's brother Hal finished second in his flight.  Barber keeps his winning all over the world and kept his winning streak alive after a group of LMGAers dominated their flight in an unsanctioned tournament in the Dominican Republic a week earlier.  The game on the 26th was team Stableford at Marshwood.  Special thanks goes to Mike Munro and pro Vinnie Diroff, who made a chaotic morning (we couldn't find the scorecards in the proshop) go smoothly for the players. Flight # 1 Placed First Name Last Name LMGA Points Earned Winner's Points Total Points:1 Gary Anklowitz 1 John Bellucci 1 Bob Schmidt 2 Paul Lieberman 2 Eric Rosenstock 2 Don Snyder 3 Ed Baxter 3 Roger Belanger 3 Tom Lanahan 3 Gary Poleynard Flight # 2  1 Mike Barber 1 David Bothwell 1 Al Holzinger 1 Dan Malachuk 2 Joseph Lovas 2 Ken Puglisi 2 Hal Schmidt 2 Bradd Siegel 3 Dave Breithaupt 3 Jeff Lamson 3 Mike Munro 3 Dave Walradt