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Results for 27 April Match

April 27 was another beautiful day for LMGA golf.  At Marshwood, the game was Red-White-Yellow, whereby each team must use three balls on holes with a red flag, two balls on holes with a white flag, and one ball for holes with a yellow flag.  It was a good day for LMGA nice guys, because a lot of them were on the leader board. Winners included:

Flight One

First:  Eddie Ambrose, Ron Monaco, Bob Kaplan, and Ed O'Donnell

Second:  Ken Cote, Jim Higbee, Maged Khalil, and Don Snyder (again!)

Third:  Nate Alexander Rick Cunningham, Gary Hughes, and Kevin Olson

Flight Two

First:  Roger Belanger, Tom Lanahan, Mike Munro, and Hal Schmidt

Second:  Dave Breithaupt, John Brennan, Jack Hemphill, and Artie Shidler

Third:  Jerry Boortz, Kerry Fosse, Bob Hainly, and Joe Lovas