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Results for 30 March Tournament

On a beautiful spring day at Marshwood, the LMGA held its March edition of the year-long battle for the coveted Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup.  Players for each clubhouse team competed against each other in match play for 18 holes.  In what could be a harbinger of a league competition turned upside down, Oakridge delivered a beatdown against Deer Creek, 31-13, and Plantation defeated Marshwood, 23-17.  Remarkably, maybe for the first time ever, Plantation had more players than the other clubs.  Plantation was led by the usual suspects (see below) and several rising stars, including Greg Maloof, Rich Heyman, and Randy Gladden.  Oakridge was led by PAR, which won every match except one, and Dave Resler, who continues to remind us that he's playing "really well."  For Deer Creek, Frank Schepis shot a 75 and quite humbly shared his feat with fewer than 80 of the 85 players that showed up the match.  After the competion, players enjoyed compimentary beer, soft drinks, and grilled brats and hotdogs.  The following players won points for their teams:

Deer Creek:  

Allan Boyce, Scott Lauback, Mike L'Hommedieu, Bob Murphy, Bob Puccini, Frank Schepis, Ed Tapley, Tim Sampson


John Baker, Kevin Brandon, Tim Elliot, Paul Lieberman, Dave Resler, Rib Rubin, Tom Stephens, Ken Ura, Rick Stark


Kevin Brindle, Tom Cloft, Randy Gladden, Rich Heyman, Gary Howard, Rich Marr, Ed O'Donnell, Eric Rosenstock, Bob Schmidt, Hal Schmidt, Bob Lindenschmidt, Bob Lucas, Greg Maloof


Jerry Boortz, Jim Higbee, Tom Lanahan, Dan Malachuk, Al Rosenbaum, Steve Bunn, Jack Hemphill, Brendan Shea