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Results for 6 April Tournament

At the Magnolia Course, the game was a team Stableford grouping together all A players in one flight, B and C players in another flight, and D players in the third flight.  It was a great day and the players enjoyed the format.  A lot of members whose name started with the letter "B" finished in the money, including John Baker, Mike Barber, John Bellucci, and Cliff Barthman.  One of the most grateful players was Ron Monaco, who was happy that--given how shaky he's been playing--somehow he was still considered a "B and C" player.  Overall winners in their flights were:

A Flight:  John Baker, Mike Barber, Mike Munro, and Tom Siepel

B and C Flight: Nate Alexander, John Bellucci, Kerry Fosse, and Ron Monaco

D Flight:  Dave Angell, Cliff Barthman, Brian Kosmal, and Hal Schmidt