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Results for 7 September Match

With Hurricane Irma ripping through the Caribbean islands and bearing down on Florida, and just after the Georgia Governor announced a manadatory evacuation for Savannah for the coming weekend, 42 LMGA members were able to tear themselves away from the Weather Channel's shrill doomsday forecasts and play some golf.  The game was "three chances to win," i.e. front, back, or 18 with only one flight.  The usual suspects littered the leader board, along with a first-time LMGA winner--Peter Altman, whose wife Cindy was unaware that he had snuck out to play golf and ordered him home to resume prepping for the storm.  The three winning teams were:

--Gary Hobbs, Ron Monaco, Frank Schepis, and Paul Warhola

--Peter Altman, Bob Kaplan, and Mike Wilson

--Nate Alexander, Tom Lanahan, and Jack Welch