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Results for 8 June Match

At Plantation, the game was "2 or more," whereby each foursome had to take its two best net balls and had the option to take more than two if it helped the team score.  While there was great play across the board, Rick Cunningham deserved special mention, not for his play but for his good luck.  Rick's team finished second in the A Flight and he also finished second in the B Flight as a "blind draw" for a strong threesome that almost certainly would have won first with almost anyone else picked as the blind.  After the round under the scoreboard enjoying free beer, many of us consoled the threesome and talked a lot about Rick, but mostly enjoyed the beer.  Overall winners in each flight were:

Flight A

1st:  Kerry Fosse, Herb Gallagher, Bob Puccini, and Tom York

2nd:  Gary Anklowitz, Brendan Shea, Perry Trilling, and Rick Cunningham

3rd:  Eddie Ambrose, Dave Angell, Steve Arcanti, and John Bellucci

Flight B

1st:  Randy Gladden, Bill Herr, Gary Howard, and Tom Lanahan

2nd: Gary Daniel, John Palermo, Don Snyder, and Rick Cunningham (as a blind draw)

3rd:  Ted Ludeke, Mike Munro, Gary Poleynard, Rib Rubin