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Results for 9 March Tournament

On a brisk, sunny day on 9 March at Magnolia, the game was 3 balls on red pins, 2 balls on white pins, and 1 on yellow pins.  Steve Chaplin--who leads the LMGA in most front yards reached from the tee box--evidently kept most of his balls inbounds on that day, and led his big-hitting team to victory in Flight One.  Nathan Alexander took a day off from fishing to lead his team to victory in Flight Two.  After the round, members enjoyed free beer under the scoreboard, toasting great play or washing away memories of horrible shots.  Final results were:

Flight One:

1st Steve Chaplin, Wayne Drysdale, Herb Gallagher, Eric Rosenstock

2nd Bob Kaplan, Ron Monaco, Tim Sampson, Don Snyder

3rd  Gary Daniel, Brian Kosmal, Kevin Olson, Tom York

Flight Two:

1st Nathan Alexander, Kevin Brandon, Brian Duffy, Bill Porter

2nd Bob Banuski, John Palermo, Gary Poleynard, Steve Skipper

3rd Mike Barber, John Brennan, Tom Cloft, Mike Staman