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Results for Tournament 18 May Tournament

On a beuatiful day at Marshwood, it was Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup day, which meant great golf (at least in our minds) followed by complimentary beer, sodas, and brats and dogs.  Plantation and Oakridge continued their strong play by defeating Deer Creek and Marshwood handily.  At the halfway point in the season long battle, there is now a three way tie for first among Plantation, Oakridge, and Marshwood...and Deer Creek is pulling up the rear.  For the most recent match, there was great play on all the teams, led by Hal Schmidt's red-hot putter (for Plantation), Ron Monaco's (Deer Creek) sizzling round after just returning from a two-week winefest in Switzerland, Bob Kulp's (Oakridge) steady play in all phases of his game, and Tom York's (Marshwood) incrdieble iron play.  Players who won points for their teams were:


John Bellucci, Tom Cloft, Gary Howard, Peter Mitchell, Surendra Patel, Tom Rosen, Hal Schmidt, Bob Schmidt, John Brennan, and Ned Mahoney


Nate Alexander, Roger Belanger, Kevin Brandon, Jeff DeHaven, Bob Kulp, Gary Poleynard, Dave Resler, Rib Rubin, Tom Siepel, Rick Stark, and Ken Ura

Deer Creek

Stephen Heacox, Ron Monaco, Pete Quinn, Artie Shidler, Bradd Siegel, Perry Trilling, Joel Weiner


Tom Lanahan, Dan Malachak, Mike Munro, Tom York, Steve Bunn, Ebba Wiechowski