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Thirsty Thursday Results – April 11th

Another big turn-out this week when once again 70-ish golfers showed up at Plantation for Thirsty Thursday play. The game was Stableford with four-man teams with all A’s or all B’s or all C’s or all D’s on each team, separated into 3 Flights which were flighted by handicap.

Unlike Flights 2 and 3, Flight 1 was a run-away. The team of Bill Brunton, Greg Snyder, Kevin Brandon, and John Palermo scored 149 points (144 is “par”), beating the 2nd place team by 17 points. The “handicap police” will definitely be checking those folks out. In Flight 2, the team of Peter Altman, John Bellucci, and Sales Guest Garry Lenberger won a 2-point victory with 144 points. Flight 3 was also a 2-point victory for Bruce Decker, Peter Hering, Dan Malachuk, and Mark Rosenbaum who had a 140-point total.

There were 7 Skins awarded with Herb Gallagher being the only double winner. And in a bitter-sweet note, there was a hole in one!!! Ron Thomas scored a hole-in-one on hole #17, but guess what??? You got it; he wasn’t registered for the hole-in-one pool (this is the 4th time this has happened). So, $505 remains in the pool and this should serve as a wake-up call to all LMGA members – join the pool as lightning can strike close to home. Regarding DFL, there was no clear “winner” as there were 3 teams in the 105 – 115 range. But there was definitely a pace-of-play DFL winner. The winning foursome for Flight 3 arrived at the scoreboard a clear 15-20 minutes after all the other teams. There was some gossip about how they spent this time in the parking lot working over their card with pencil and eraser (and perhaps they had a pair of high-powered binoculars?). Otherwise pace-of-play was excellent!

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week we have a Bouchillon-Ambrose competition at Deer Creek (no we are not playing from the Savanah Championship tees). The “black hats” of Oakridge (3 points) will try to remain undefeated competing against Deer Creek (1 point), and Marshwood will be playing against Plantation (both with 1 point). The format will be 18 holes of 4-Ball with 2-man teams taking their best Net Ball in a match play format.