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Thirsty Thursday Results – April 12th

The game this week was Team Stableford with prizes for the best Front Nine, the best Back Nine, and for best Overall score for 18 holes. The teams were divided into 2 Flights with four-man teams comprised of A, B, C, and D players.

Squeezing out a 1-stroke victory in Flight 1 with a score of 145 was the team of Peter Quinn, Tim Elliott, Bob Hainly, and Herb Gallagher (sorry Mike Munro, Jeff DeLuca, Bob Benson, and David Goslin). Similarly, with a 1-stroke victory in Flight 2 with a 142 score was the team of Kevin Brandon, Dick Higgins, Peter Altman, and Artie Shidler (sorry Charlie Bradford, David Bothwell, Don Snyder, and Bill Porter). Both winning teams also finished either 1st or 2nd in the Front Nine and Back Nine competitions. In Net Skins, we had a big winner – Randy Gladden with 3 Skins, the only person with more than 1. Way to go Randy!

While matches were close at the top of the scoreboard, it was a “runaway” at the bottom. The team of Kevin Olson, Peter Hering, John Higgins, and Steve Skipper ran away with DFL. Not only were they 30 points behind their Flight 2 winner with a 112, they also came in DFL for both the Front and Back Nines. And to pour salt in the wound, they were DFL for getting their score posted.

So congratulations to all our winners (and a Bronx Cheer to our DFLers?). See you next Thursday for our fourth LMGA B-A Cup match of 2018 at Palmetto. Sign up soonest if you haven’t already signed up as it promises to be another great Cup event complete with food and beverages.