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Thirsty Thursday Results – April 25th

Around 50 men participated in our weekly Thirsty Thursday play at Palmetto. The game was four-man teams who needed to take 1 or more net balls on odd holes, and exactly 2 net balls on even holes.

Flight 1 ended in a tie at -22 with the foursome of Machi Cossio, Bob Benson, Don Snyder, and Jon Sweet winning the scorecard tie-breaker (sorry Roger Belanger, Ron Monaco, Hal Schmidt, and Greg Lisk; now if you only made that putt…). In Flight 2, winning by 3 strokes with a score of -24 was the team of Steve Thomas, Frank Schepis, Herb Gallagher and their Blind Draw Gary Poleynard (who made some key scorecard contributions to the team).

There were 5 Skins awarded with no double winners. Regarding DFL, there was a clear winner as only one team finished in single digits. The team of Richard Colvin, Ande Bodary, Mark Monson, and Rufus Freeman finished with a score of -8, 3 strokes off the pace of the next lowest team. And they swear that they didn’t stop at 9 holes but finished all 18 holes! And pace of play seemed to be good with all teams finishing in around 4 hours.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week there is no LMGA play as the Men's Spring Invitational will be underway. Our next Thirsty Thursday play will be the following week, May 9th, at Marshwood where the game will be A-B and C-D teams in a “Pick Six” Scramble where each team must select six tees from three different teeing grounds (A-B teams from Tournament/Club/Course tees, and C-D teams from Club/Medal/Skidaway tees). Sign up now to beat the rush!