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Thirsty Thursday Results – April 5th

The game this week was a Stableford competition with 4-man teams. The field was divided by handicap into low, middle, and high handicap flights. Winning the low handicap flight with a score of 138 was the team of Edgar Yu, Charlie Bradford, Greg Maloof, and Grant Buchanan. At 135, the winners of the middle handicap flight were Bob Schmidt, John Bellucci, Bob Benson, and Bob Murphy. The high handicap flight was won by a threesome consisting of Peter Hering, Bob Gardner, and Mike Waterman with a score of 132 (more on them below). In Net Skins, the only player with 2 was Bob Kaplan (congratulations Bob). And in spite of John Bellucci’s prior “advertisement” of a possible net double-eagle, none materialized. Beware of false prophets …

But speaking of the winning threesome of Hering/Gardner/Waterman, they also “earned” 2 DFL shout-outs. They were the last group to complete play and return to the scoreboard, “forcing” everyone to wait around and have an addition beverage. At the scoreboard they posted a score of 99, which clearly earned them DFL. But after much ridicule and after the winners had been announced, they petitioned to post an amended score of 132. Seems that they forgot to add in a score for their missing 4th player. After much discussion about the dos and don’ts of posting a wrong score and over the objections of other Flight 3 teams, the scorekeeper magnanimously accepted their amended score, enabling them to edge out the previously announced winner by 1 point (sorry Tom Cloft, Bob Rubin, Tim Elliott, and Alan Boyce).

So congratulations to all our winners. See you next Thursday for our Thirsty Thursday golfing get-together at Oakridge. And don’t forget that our fourth LMGA B-A Cup match of 2018 will be the following week on the 19th at Palmetto. Sign up soonest if you haven’t already signed up as it promises to be another great Cup event, complete with food and beverages.