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Thirsty Thursday Results – August 1st

The game this week was a “Two or More” competition where each four-man team was required to take at least 2 net balls on every hole. Each team had A-B-C-D players and they were split into 2 Flights with over 50 folks competing.

In a real squeaker in Flight 1, the team of Bryan Edgar, John Bellucci, Mike Staman, and Bob Hainly (Blind Draw) took 1st place by 1 stroke with a score of -21. Coming in 2nd with a -20 score was the team of Hale Bishop, Joseph Lovas, Ted Bumsted, and John Evans. And close behind them with a -19 score was the 3rd place team of Jeff Dorward, Ken Ura, Bob Murphy, and David Evans. Boy, lots of folks kicking themselves for the putt or 2 that they just missed!

Things were much different in Flight 2. Winning by a decisive 5 strokes with a score of -21 was the team of Eddie Ambrose, Bob Hainly, Scott Happ, and Dave Angell. And I’m sure that you noticed that we had a double winner today. Bob Hainly was on both winning teams. As the President with the responsibility of “herding all of us cats”, Bob certainly deserves a double dip. Way to go Bob!

The Skins competition had a big payout as there were only 2 Skin winners. Mike Morris and David Bothwell were the two big winners – way to go Mike and David! And there was no “DFL award”’ as there was no clear “winner” as we had 2 teams in the 9-10 range. Pace-of-play was good with all teams in around 4 hours.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next Thursday, August 8th, we will be at Oakridge for a 4-man team Stableford competition. Each team will be all A’s or B’s or C’s or D’s and will be flighted by handicap. Sign up now to ensure you don’t miss out!