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Thirsty Thursday Results – August 23rd

The game this week was a modified four-person team Best Ball competition. On odd holes, each team was required to take 1 or more balls while on even holes, each team was required to take exactly 2 balls. The teams were ABCD teams and split into 2 Flights.

In Flight 1, the team of Bill Wolod, Bob Hainly, Bob Kaplan, and Don Sturtz as the blind (more on this later) smoked the competition with a -25 score, winning by 7 strokes. Flight 2 was much more competitive with the team of Don Sturtz, Al Boyce, Perry Trilling, and Bill Wolod as the blind (starting to see some collusion?) shooting a -21 to edge out their nearest competitor by 2 strokes. So after much discussion about how Wolod and Sturtz exchanged cards to tally up their scores and just happened to help each other’s team win, it was decided that they could double-dip with 2 victories. There were rumors that the “I word” was whispered about but it was never brought forward for a vote and since no special golf counsel was appointed, the double win stands (at least for now).

There was a clear “winner” for DFL. The team of Peter Quinn, Scott Warden, Dave Morrison, and Jeff DeLuca managed to score a -12, 5 behind the closest team (and yes that was for a full 18 holes of golf). And rumor has it that they were by far the last team to make it to the scoreboard which I guess makes sense as they hit a lot more golf balls that the other teams. Regarding Skins, there were 4 Skins won by 3 golfers with Paul Warhola being the big winner with 2 Skins (sorry Steve Skipper about your gross birdie on #18 not holding up; guess Bob Kaplan will be in your dog house for a while).

So congratulations to all of our winners. Sign up now for our next Thirsty Thursday event which will be a Pick-Six Scramble with AB and CD teams next week at Plantation.