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Thirsty Thursday Results – August 9th

The game this week was 4-man teams that were required to take 2 or more net balls per hole. The 10 teams were split into 2 Flights.

In Flight 1, the team of Edgar Yu, John Bellucci, Steve Skipper, and Mike Munro along with the team of Charlie Bradford, John Marich, Don Sturtz, and Dave Angell finished in a tie at -16. Initially the Edgar Yu team was declared the winner via a scorecard playoff but upon closer scrutiny and a correct re-interpretation of the tie-breaker rules, the Charlie Bradford team was declared the victor.

In Flight 2, the team of Mike Barber, Dave Morrison, John Evans, and Stephen Voss was initially declared the victor at -16, beating the team of Greg Snyder, Barry Kumins, Jim Golz, and Hal Carr by 2 strokes. But hold the presses, upon further scrutiny (and eraser/pencil assistance???), the Greg Snyder team turned in an amended score of -16. And wouldn’t you know it, they also won the scorecard playoff to knock the Mike Barber team out of 1st place.

Fortunately not near as much drama in the Skins match with 5 Skins being awarded to 5 players. Regarding DFL, there was stiff competition with 2 teams coming in at Even (no that is not a typo) and 1 team at -4. Due to time and space constraints, the players will remain nameless but you know who you are! But on a positive note, everyone was in at the scoreboard around 4 hours or less. A shout-out for place of play.

So, congratulations to all of our winners. Next week, in addition to our normal Thursday activities, Herb Gallagher’s granddaughter will be offering free remedial math/addition lessons along with free use of her calculator at the scoreboard (perhaps no beverages should be served until all scores are final and posted?).

And speaking of next Thursday, it will be the next to last B-A Cup match before the 2-day finals in October. The play will be Modified Alternate Shot at Deer Creek. Let’s see if Plantation can keep their 2 point lead over the other 3 Clubhouses. Sign up now both for this match and the September & October B-A matches and tournament. And remember, when it is B-A week, it is also BBQ week to supplement our normal liquid refreshments.