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Thirsty Thursday Results – December 13th

The game this week was 4-man team best ball where each team was required to take 3 net balls on greens with a red (front) flag, 2 net balls on white (middle) holes, and 1 net ball on yellow (back) holes. There were 2 Flights using the ABCD format for each foursome.

Winning Flight 1 by 2 strokes with a -20 was the team of Bill Brunton, David Brooks, Peter Altman, and Mike Morris. Flight 2 was a bit more of a run-away where the winning team of Edgar Yu, Scott Happ, Tony Lombard, and Bob Meng won by 4 points with a -22. Regarding net Skins, there were a total of 6 Skins awarded with Tom Cloft being the “big winner” with 2 Skins. Many thanks to Peter Quinn who kept the Skins activities well-organized on his initial detail as the “skins Meister”. Thanks, Peter!!!

And while pace-of-play was good, there was a clear “winner” for DFL low score. Coming in with a -6 was the foursome of Tom York, David Resler, Robert Jannino, and Mike Staman; the only team not to make it to double-digits.

So, congratulations to all our winners. And don’t forget to sign up for next Thursday’s play. It will be at Palmetto with a 4-man team Pick-Six Scramble. Teams will have all A-B or C-D players. The A-B teams will play 6 balls each from the Tournament, Club, and Course tees while the C-D teams will play 6 balls each from the Club, Medal, and Skidaway tees. Lots of opportunity for the teams to “strategerize” ahead of time! And as always, liquid refreshments will be provided at the 19th hole.