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Thirsty Thursday Results – February 14, 2019

The game was red/white/yellow with teams required to take 3 scores on front pins (red), 2 on middle pins (white) and 1 on back pins (yellow).

There was tight competition in the first flight with scores of 22 vs. 20.  The winners were Snyder, Hainly, Sucharda and Skipper (as the blind).  In second place were Schepis, Morrison, Banuski and Malachuk.  Further back in third were B. Schmidt, Lombard, Happ and Elliott.

In Flight 2, the winners, Edgar, O’Donnell, Kumins and Elliott (as a blind), had a runaway score of 23 vs. the rest of the field.  In second place were Lamson, Warhola, Snyder and Skipper with 16.  Right on their heels in third were Cossio, Golz, Higbee, and Angell.

It would be unfair to name the DFL team or to specify their score; however, hold up one hand and their score is among those fingers.


Congrats to Barry Kumins who won two skins out of the total of 6 skins.  Pace of play was good with just one team lagging in 20 minutes late.