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Thirsty Thursday Results – February 28th

Over 60 folks enjoyed the play at Deer Creek where the game was 4-man ABCD teams required to take one or more net balls on odd holes and exactly two net balls on even holes.

In Flight 1, there was a tie between two teams with scores of -26. Winning a scorecard playoff was the winning team of Bob Benson, Scott Happ, Mike Munro, and Steve Voss (sorry Ande Bodary, Richard Dolan, Greg Snyder, Jon Sweet – now if you only made that 1 putt …). Flight 2 was a runaway by the team of Roger Belanger, Steve Bunn, Mark Monson and the blind draw of Jon Sweet where they shot a -31, 7 strokes better than the 2nd place finisher. And given that Jon Sweet was on two of the previously mentioned teams, he definitely gets the rarely-awarded most valuable player award for the day.

And there was also a runaway for DFL. Coming in at -9 and “beating” their nearest competitor by 5 strokes was the team of Bill Brunton, Jim Golz, Bob Jannino, and Herb Gallagher. We hear it was a really tough day out there for the foursome, epitomized by their need to use a net 7 on the 18th hole (something about the marshes kept getting in the way of their golf balls). In Skins, there was a healthy pot that was split 8 ways by 8 different golfers.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week at Marshwood we play 4-man A-B and C-D Teams for a Pick Six Scramble where A-B teams hit 6 balls from each of the Tournament, Club and Course-Named tees while the C-D Teams do the same for the Club, Medal and Skidaway tees.