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Thirsty Thursday Results – January 24th

Over 55 folks participated in a Stableford format game. Each foursome played a match against the other members of their foursome with one winner per foursome.

With “par” being 36, we had 16 winners with scores ranging from 31 up to 43. A special Shout-out for high score goes to Dan Malachuk who led all players with the 43 score. Way to go Dan!!! Honorable mention for high score goes to Kit Dooley, Paul Lieberman, John Bellucci, and Bob Hainly who all scored in the low 40s, winning their matches.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Don Snyder and Rufus Freeman (both with scores of 21) edged out Dave Angell (at 22) for DFL. Looks like it was a tough day out there, guys. And regarding Skins, there were only 3 winners who must have taken home a very generous split of the pot.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week we play a “Pick Six” Scramble at Magnolia. Teams will have all A-B players or C-D players who have to select 6 tees from 3 different teeing grounds. A-B teams will select from the Tournament, Club, and Course tees while the C-D teams will select from the Club, Medal and Skidaway tees. Sign up now to avoid the “Monday rush”.