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Thirsty Thursday Results – January 3rd

The game this week was 4-man team best ball where each team was required to take 1 or more balls on odd holes and exactly 2 balls on even holes. There were 2 Flights using the ABCD format for each foursome.

Easily winning Flight 1 by 5 strokes with a -28 score was the team of Ned Mahoney, John Evans, Steve Skipper, and a Blind Draw of Bob Murphy. Flight 2 was an even bigger run-away where the winning team of John Schwonke, Dave Resler, Bob Hainly, and Bob Kaplan won by 9 points with a score of -33. We presume that handicap audits are underway for both winning teams.

Regarding net Skins, there were a total of 5 Skins awarded to 5 different winners. And Peter Quinn is no longer a rookie “Skins Meister”, having now organized his second Skins competition. Thanks, Peter!!!  And while pace-of-play was good, there was a clear “winner” for DFL low score. Coming in with a -8 was the foursome of Charlie Bradford, Rufus Freeman, Grant Buchanan, and Herb Gallagher, the only team not to make it to double-digits. And we presume that handicap audits are not underway for these 4 players.

So, congratulations to all our winners. And don’t forget to sign up for next Thursday’s play. It will be at Palmetto with a 4-man team Stableford competition. Teams will have all A or B or C or D players on each team, and the teams will be flighted by handicaps. And as always, liquid refreshments will be provided at the 19th hole.