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Thirsty Thursday Results – November 7th

Over 60 players showed up at Oakridge this week for individual play using the Stableford scoring system where there would be 1 winner from each group. We had 17 groups that were arranged by handicap. The 17 winners were: Brian Edgar, Greg Snyder, John Schwonke, Kevin Brandon, Steve Heacox, Gary Poleynard, Mike Munro, Hal Schmidt, Bob Schmidt, Mark Monson, Bruce Decker, Mark Rosenbaum, Jim Shirley, Kerry Fosse, Ken Aaron, Steve Voss, and Gary Howard. Congratulations to all our group winners.

Special recognition goes to our 5 folks who scored 40 or more points with par being 36 points. They were: Bruce Decker and Jim Shirley at 43, Mark Rosenbaum and Gary Poleynard at 41, and Bob Schmidt at 40. Especially noteworthy was that Jim Shirley shot a personal best round to record his 43 score. Way to go Jim!!!

We had over 30 folks enter the Net Skins pool with a welcomed return of Gross Skins with over 10 folks in that pool. The 7 individual winners in Net Skins with Net Eagles were: Mike Staman, Lee Bodary, Kevin Brandon, Rich Colvin, Dan Malachuck, Gary Poleynard, and Doug Ward. In Gross Skins, Brian Edgar won 2 Skins with Scott Stockslager, Rick Saunders, and Rick Stark winning 1 apiece. So, the big winner of the day was Brian Edgar who added his 2 Gross Skins to his win of his Stableford group. A big shout-out goes to Brian!!!

On the DFL side of the fence, we had several players in the 22-26 range for their Stableford scores so no one individual to single-out there. And while pace of play overall was good with most groups in under or right around 4 hours, there was 1 group that got the DFL Pace of Play award for being 20 minutes behind every other group. For now, they will remain nameless, but they were made aware of this dubious award, so they know who they are. We look forward to them and everyone else remaining conscious of Pace of Play as it is a critical factor in everyone’s enjoyment out on the course.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week will be a big week with the LMGA Championship rounds on Wednesday and Thursday at 9am, and the Awards Dinner on Thursday evening at 6pm. Sign-up soonest for any or all of these 3 events so that you don’t miss out on the end-of-season action.