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Thirsty Thursday Results – October 4, 2018

The game this week was a 4-man team game with everyone playing their full handicap.  The team could take exactly 3 net balls on red pins, two net balls on white pins and one net ball on yellow pins.  The format sounded rather tame until a team had a couple flame-outs on a red pin hole.  On the other hand, if a team had two net birdies on a yellow pin hole, only one counted.  The scores speak to the difficulty in scoring well.

In flight 1, the team of Maloof, Skipper, Lombard and Gould (as a blind) scored -15.  In second place, the team of Yu, Arner, Marich and Rubin also scored -15, with the card match stretching out to the 4th tie-breaker.  Third place was taken by the team of DeHaven, Happ, Bellucci and Breithaupt (as a blind) with -14.

In flight 2, as is so often the case, all players but 4 awaited the final foursome to arrive…and of course, that team overwhelmed all with a -17!  Congrats to Jones, Warhola, Lovas and Boyce.  Second place went to the team of Collins, Cricenti, Morrison and Breithaupt at -14.  Third place was taken by Bradford, J. Evans, Klein and Kaplan at -12.

In at least two cases, the blinds contributed mightily on certain holes, while not doing much for their own teams.  Such is golf…

On October 3, LMGA held its speaker event in the packed Azalea Room at Plantation.  Cheyanne Overby, the Tour’s local representative provided an exciting look at the 2019 plans.  The event will be bigger and even better as the players and the Tour management rate the Landings among their top few events.  This results from the support from the residents and the condition of the course.  One hint:  the Schooner Cove will be even bigger with free beers awarded on birdies rather than eagles!  We’ll need more bar tenders…

Nicole Weller provided excellent, visual information on the new golf rules beginning on January 1.  Most are designed to speed up play and should be welcomed by all.  A USGA official will be here later in the year to provide further information and to answer more of our incisive questions. Thank you again to Fred Horne and Mike Barber for organizing and to the Plantation staff for providing some good manly victuals for the event.

Please remember to sign up for the LMGA Championship October 31 and November 1 , with dinner and the annual meeting on November 1.  The dinner is only $50 for open bar for 2 ½ hours, steak dinner and good camaraderie.  Thanks again to Mike Barber and the staff!