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Thirsty Thursday Results – September 13th

The game this week was 4-man team Stableford with ABCD foursomes and 2 Flights. Both Flights were runaways. In Flight 1, the team of Greg Snyder, Gary Poleynard, John Bellucci, and Bob Kaplan was the only team to beat par (144) with a round of 150, crushing their nearest competitor by 13 strokes. Flight 2 was won by the team of Scott Happ, Bob Hainly, and Jeff DeLuca with a score of 137, beating their nearest competitor by 8 strokes.

Regarding Skins, there were only 3 Skins that were won by 3 different individuals. But we do have two shout-outs for DFL. First, for a low-score DFL shout-out, the foursome of Frank Schepis, Brendan Shea, Ron Monaco, and Rib Rubin turned in a score of 114 (yes, for 4 players) which was 10 strokes below their nearest competitor. And for a slow-play DFL shout-out, coming in at 4:30 was the team of Doug Duncan, Hal Schmidt, Peter Altman, and Steve Skipper. Fortunately, they showed up at the scoreboard just before the beverages ran out. A few minutes later and a rebellion of the masses might have ensued.

So, congratulations to all our winners. As a reminder, our next Thirsty Thursday event will be next Thursday the 20th at Oakridge. This will be the final BA cup match of the regular season prior to the BA Cup Tournament on October 10th & 11th. Sign up soonest to support your Clubhouse and don’t forget, BBQ food will be served in addition to the usual beverages.

And while you are signing up for these events, don’t forget to sign up for the Speaker Series event that will be held on Wednesday, October 3rd at 5:30. We will receive updates on two important topics: the 2019 Savannah Golf Championship, and the USGA rule changes that take effect in 2019. Additional details are on the LMGA Web Site and you can sign-up via the LMGA Web Site Play calendar. Seating is limited so sign-up soonest so that you don’t get left-out.