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Thirsty Thursday Results – September 6th

The game this week was Stableford with one individual winner in each foursome. Foursomes were set up based on similar handicaps. The competition was intense with at least 4 winners being determined by tie-breakers.

And here are the winners of the foursomes, ranging from lowest to highest handicap: Greg Snyder; Frank Schepis; Jeff DeHaven; John Schwonke; Ed O’Donnell; Steve Nazaruk; Bob Hainly; Ron Monaco; Jim Golz; Scott Happ; Hal Schmidt; David Brooks; Randy Gladden; David Goslin; and Bob Kaplan. If you were hoping to see your name in “lights”, this was the week to have a good round!

Regarding Skins, there were only 2 Skins won and guess what - they were both awarded to the same person. Drum Roll – Bob Hainly!!! And with this huge win, rumor has it that he and Shirley are looking for a new house in Midpoint courtesy of their fellow Skins competitors!!!

So, congratulations to all our winners. As a reminder, our next Thirsty Thursday event will be next Thursday September 13th at Deer Creek where we will have 4-man team Stableford play with ABCD foursomes. And future golfing events for your calendar include:

• LMGA BA Cup on September 20th at Oakridge

• TLC Men's Club Championship on September 28-30

• LMGA BA Cup Tournament on October 10th & 11th

• LMGA Championship on October 31st & November 1st

Don’t forget to sign up soonest so that we can see y’all there.