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Thirsty Thursday Results - December 27th

Two days after Christmas the play started out cool and windy but transitioned into a seasonably warm day.

LMGA play this week saw 32 true believers play team Stableford at Marshwood.

In the Christmas spirit, Steve Skipper paid three places.
The winners were: First Place: DeHaven, Olson, Anklowitz, Morris
Second Place: York, Jannino, Ura, Meng
Third Place: Munro, Buchanan, Resler, Cricenti

Six skins were awarded; Rick Cricenti took home two.

Congrats to the winners and to all the players who came out despite the less than ideal starting conditions. The 2019 Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup series starts up on January 17th. Please sign up asap for the 2019 kick-off at Marshwood.