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We Reached Our Goal! - 18th Hole Cameras for Deer Creek!

Calling all LMGA Members! We need your help to put the Web.Com Savannah Golf Championship On TV!

Well, not exactly on TV, but we're trying to provide live streaming of video from Schooner Cove (aka Deer Creek #5) as we did last year, and this year an additional two live streams from Deer Creek Clubhouse.

  • All four video streams will be live during the entire tournament
  • Two cameras at Schooner Cove
  • Two cameras at Deer Creek #18
  • Cameras will be operated by LMGA members and other volunteers 
  • Video streams will be available on the following websites
    • LMGA website
    • The Landings Club
    • The Landings Company (so sales guests know what's going on)
    • Various sites
    • and Web.Com media staff will be re-streaming our video along with their commentary as a simulcast on Facebook Live 

Anticipated funding hasn't come through, so we need to raise about $2,500 (oops, with all the cables and mounting, it's a little over $3000!) quickly so the cameras can be ordered (already done, on the way), installed by LMGA volunteers, tested and ready for action. 

We need your support - please click on the "Donate" button below and make a quick donation of $20, $50, $100 or any amount you want. If 50 members donated $50 apiece, we would be there!

FYI the two new cameras will be Pan, Tilt, Zoom (25x) controllable in real time by LMGA volunteers stationed in the press/media tent along the cart path on Deer Creek 18. As you can see, the cameras will be able to get great shots of groups as they tee off, then layup and/or hit their approach shots from the fairway, and then as they chip or putt on and around the green. We'll also be able to view the spectators, the skyboxes, and the opening and closing ceremonies. Volunteers all over The Landings will also be able to keep track of events on their phones, and you'll be able to check in on the action from home before heading out to walk the course.


HELP LMGA PUT Savannah Golf Championship ON TV!