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Sign-in to LMGA’s website: Click on the “Play!” tab to see a calendar of LMGA events. Click on the dates you can play. You’ll soon receive an email confirmation.  Or just click here.

Two ways - you will receive an email message for each event you sign up for.  Second, you can click on the top tab item "Play!", and then click "My Events". You will see just about everything the system is keeping track of, including which events you're signed up for. Note that some of the information on that page is a bit extraneous, but for the price we pay for this software (open source = free!) we're willing to overlook some of that.

Beginning January 1 we have extended the deadline for signing up for Thursday play to

5:00 PM Monday

afternoon. We will keep you posted, and the online instructions will be updated as we improve the process. 

Write to and he will do his best to get you in.  

Yes. Come and bring your wife to some of our fun social events and themed golf outings. Support LMGA’s efforts to help care for and improve the Club’s golf facilities. Enjoy dinner discounts downtown at one of Savannah’s upscale restaurants or book your travel plans through one of LMGA’s commercial partners and pocket big savings.

Yes. We have asked the Club’s players assistants to help us enforce pace of play. Slow foursomes will be counseled to speed it up. 

Yes, indeed. Roughly a quarter of current members are walkers.

In most events we will group you with like handicap players to enable more competitive and enjoyable play. However we will structure some events to allow you to meet golfers across the handicap spectrum.  

You bet! We could use help in every area. Are you a good record keeper? Do you have public relations experience? Can you take good photographs? Could you help recruit sponsors for LMGA events? Can you organize social activities? Do you know how to tap a keg? If yes, please talk to one of LMGA’s board members, and we’ll help you find a suitable role.  

Sometimes, beer and refreshments. Always socializing.

LMGA honors the heritage of the game and adherence to the rules of golf. Play the ball as it lies and the course as you find it, etc. A copy of the USGA Complete Rules of Golf is presented to all new members.