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Contribute to Employee Needs Fund

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LMGA and Soundview Wealth Advisors are teaming up to raise money for The Landings Club Employee Needs Fund.

Soundview will match, up to $5,000, of all the money we raise in LMGA.

This is a very generous offer and a great opportunity for our two organizations to team up and help out our club employees that are in need.

The Employee Needs Fund was created to assist our club employees that are facing financial hardship caused by unforeseen circumstances resulting in the inability to pay for standard living, transportation and medical expenses. The program enables the employee to request this assistance in a respectful and confidential manner. During this very challenging time when the pandemic has been so prevalent and impacted so many people including our club employees, the Needs Fund is more important now than ever.

Click the "Contribute Now" button to choose the amount of your contribution. We're using our normal event signup calendar, so whenever it says "register now" or "Complete your registration", it really means "contribute now". (and no, even though there's a date, it's not a real event - that just makes it show on the calendar!)

November 6th, 2020 8:00 AM through  8:10 AM
Savannah, GA 31411
United States
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