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“Pick Six” Teams Shoot for Eagles and Birdies

Scrambles are fun rounds, and they can be even more exciting when a foursome gets to choose which of three tee boxes to play from. A group with sharpshooting long-ball hitters can potentially reach their target greens in one or sometimes two balls under regulation, providing opportunities to score net eagles or ultra-rare double eagles.

This was the case in the “Pick 6 Scramble” game played this past Thursday, April 25. The five lower-handicap foursomes in Flight 1 had the option to play from six each of Medal, Club or Tournament tee boxes through their round, while the eight higher-handicapper teams in Flight 2 got to choose six each among Skidaway, Medal or Club tee boxes.   

In Flight 1, the winning team of Pat Berenger, Larry Batanian, Paul Monson and Jon Bokina scored 3 net eagles and 8 birdies for an impressive 14-under round. Two other foursomes also scored in the minus double digits: Rich Matos, John Landuyt, David Foley and James Headley finished 12 under with 4 net eagles and 4 birdies for second place, while Greg Snyder, Dave Johnson, Tom Young and Dave Berchtold posted 11 under with 1 net eagle and 9 birdies to finish in third place.

In Flight 2, the winning threesome of Tom Richards, Mike Morris and David Evans failed to capture any eagles but nevertheless carded 10 net birdies for a score of 8 under. Four foursomes tied with 7 under, and card-offs gave second place to Mike Towson, Ted Bumsted, Don Toth and Mark Witbeck with 7 net birdies. In third place with 2 net eagles and 3 birdies were Tim Leisman, Bob Gardner, Jim Ulmer and Jim Higbee.   

Note: Next week’s regularly scheduled LMGA play (Thursday 5/2) has been canceled due to The Landings Men’s Spring Invitational Member/Guest, May 2-4.